Murray Goldberg on Origins of webCT - main title

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Recorded and processed with Murray Goldberg at Marine LS, Vancouver, by Mike O'Donoghue, UK, January 2016. Please see the notes at the foot of the page for restrictions on use.

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1. Where did the idea to create WebCT originate?
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2. How did you get involved in writing WebCT?
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3. How did you react to the initial student feedback ?
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4. How did you respond to critics of WebCT?
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5. In what ways do you think online technologies have changed education?
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6. Were you surprised at the impact WebCT and its successors have had on higher education?
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7. Who should use an online learning system?
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8. What one idea would you like anyone wacthing this interview to take away?
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Produced by Mike O'Donoghue , Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester UK. Recorded January 2016 at Marine LS, Vancouver, Canada.
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