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The following are some of the books referenced in one or more EVP videos. Further details relating to each book can be found by following the link to the Amazon UK website.

Cuban - Teachers and Machines
DeLuca- Instructional video
BFI - Teaching Digital Video Production
Buckingham et al - Making media
Teachers and Machines: Classroom use of Technology Since 1920.
Larry Cuban, 1986
Teachers' College Press.

Instructional Video
Stuart DeLuca, 1991
Focal Press.

Teaching Digital Video Production
Pete Fraser and Barney Oram, 2003
BFI Publishing.

Making Media: Learning from Media Production
David Buckingham, Jenny Grahame, Julian Sefton-Green, 1995
English and Media Centre.

Kellison - Producing for TV and New Media
Millerson and Owens - Video Production Handbook
Alessi and Trollip - Multimedia for Learning
Sigman - Remotely Controlled
Producing for TV and New Media: a real-world approach for producers
Cathrine Kellison, 2008
Focal Press. 2nd Edition

Video Production Handbook
Gerald Millerson and Jim Owens, 2008
Focal Press.4th Edition
Multimedia for Learning: methods and development
Stephen Alessi and Stanley Trollip 2000
Allyn and Bacon. 3rd Edition

Remotely Controlled: How Television is damaging our lives - and what we can do about it
Aric Sigman, 2005
Watts - On Camera
Goldman-Segall - Points of viewing children's thinking
Television and New Media
Houghton - What a Producer does
On Camera: Essential know-how for programme makers
Harris Watts, 1997
AAVO. 2nd Edition

Points of Viewing Children's Thinking: a digital ethnographer's journey
Ricki Goldman-Segall, 1997

Television and New Media (Journal)
Sage Online Publication

What a Producer Does: Art of Movie Making (not the business)
Buck Houghton, 1991
Silman-James Press, US.
Bates and Poole - Effective teaching with technology in Higher Education

Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education
A.W.Bates and Gary Poole, 2003