Richard E. Mayer - On the role & design of video for learning

Recorded and processed with Professor Richard Mayer at UCSB by Mike O'Donoghue, UK, November 2011. Please see the notes at the foot of the page for restrictions on use.

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1. How did you get started in the area of instructional design and technology?

Richard Mayer - Q1
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.2m 02s

2. What do you see as the role of video and multimedia for teaching and learning in higher education?

Richard Mayer - Q2
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1m 19s

3. How might we best design video to achieve its learning objectives in a higher education setting?

Richard Mayer - Q3
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3m 51s

4. What do teachers or lecturers need to know in order to be able to use video and/or multimedia effectively?

Richard Mayer - Q4
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1m 05s

5. How should we produce video in order to increase the odds of it achieving its learning objectives for those who use it?

Richard Mayer - Q5
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1m 49s

6. Is there a way of bringing what we might consider dull academic content to life on video?

Richard Mayer - Q6
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1m 23s

7.What do we need to do to educational video so it engages learners?

Richard Mayer - Q7
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2m 45s

8. Should academic staff leave video and multimedia production to the professionals and focus on their research and teaching?

Richard Mayer - Q8
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9. What three tips would you suggest for academic colleagues who want to support their students' learning over and above making their lecture slides available on a VLE?

Richard Mayer - Q9
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2m 14s

Produced by Mike O'Donoghue , School of Education, University of Manchester UK. Recorded November 2011 at UCSB campus, US.
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