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Last updated: Monday 1-March 2010

UPDATING: Jan -March 2014
The videos on this page are getting on for 5 years old and though the content has validity
the videos included are looking a little tired. I'm working on updating the contents with
reference to more recent materials and to HD format over the coming months.


To EVP library EVP library

A short introduction to the video resources that follow and to the EVP module on the MA:DTCE at the University of Manchester..

EVP-introduction 4m 50s

Thoery title

Practice title

2. Defining Educational Video
What separates educational video from entertainment? This video looks at the literature in order to create a working defintion of Educatinal video

EVP -Defining educational video
8m 14s

EVP  - defining video production
6m 51s

1. Video Production: a working definition:
What is video production? Is there a difference between video and television production? This video explore the literature towards a working definition of production.

4. Developing the defintion
In this video the literature is used to widen the definition of video resources that can be described as educational.

EVP -Widening the definition
5m 19s

EVP-First video -intro
4m 9s

3a. First video - part 1
This video introduction a topic for a first video production, a working of which can be viewed in Part 2.

5. Program, Supplement, or Teaching Aid?
How does the context of use of a video effect it's production? This sequence examines the context of use of video via the work of Larry Cuban.

EVP - Program, supplement or teaching aid?
6m 10s

EVP Your guide to the library
1m 50s

3b. First video: Your guide to the Library
This short video is a working of the topic 'Your Guide to the Library', introduced in Part 1.

7. Open or Closed?
A comparison of video resources used for instrucional and discussion purposes.

EVP - Open and closed video
4m 7s

EVP - First video analysis
5m 16s

3c. First video - part 2
An analysis of the problems found in 'Your Guide to the Library'

9. EVP Theory: Summary
This video brings a number of theoretical aspects of educational video presented so far together.

EVP - theory summary
6m 27s

EVP7 Video Pitch
6m 55s

6. Planning: video 'pitch'
This video introduces a pitch for a video with an example as a first step in the planning process.

10. Why video?
Further investigations into the academic literature examining those educational activities to which video may be more suited.

* In Planning *
Expected March 2011

EVP8 - Video Treatment
7m 59s

8. Video Treatment
This video looks at the use of shot lists, storyboards and running orders as tools in the video production process.

* In Planning *
March 2011

11. In Production.
Miscellaneous hints, tips and suggestions for producing educational video.