Recorded and processed with Etienne Wenger by Mike O'Donoghue and Tim Dornan, November 2010. Please see the notes at the foot of the page for restrictions on use.

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Updated: 28-Jan-2011
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1. What is situated learning?

Etienne Wenger Q1
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.1min 31s

2. Is there a connection between situated learning and situated cognition?

Etienne Wenger Q2
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1min 33s

3. How do learners orientate themselves in a social learning landscape?

Etienne Wenger Q3
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4. Do the online spaces we visit define who we are in the siutated learning landscape?

Etienne Wenger Q4
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5. Is a Community of Practice today different to what it was ten years ago?

Etienne Wenger Q5
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1min 37s

6. How is the decision to join a Community of Practice or not made?

Etienne Wenger Q6
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4min 31s

7. Is acceptance the most important factor in determining whether we are part of a particular Community of Practice or not?

Etienne Wenger Q7
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3min 18s

8. Are the borders of a Community defined by those who bring new perspectives to it?

Etienne Wenger Q8
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1min 58s

9. Is participation in a particular Community dynamic in time as well as space?

Etienne Wenger Q9
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2min 40s

10. What are the pitfalls in researching these themes?

Etienne Wenger Q10
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2min 20s

11. What would an identity based curriculum look like?

Etienne Wenger Q11
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2min 47s

12. Is reification more than the formalisation of a process?

Etienne Wenger Q12
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3min 51s

13. Is the meaning of an artefact only known to its maker?

Etienne Wenger Q13
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1min 25s

14. Is it easier to interpret artefacts in a media rich world?

Etienne Wenger Q14
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2min 40s

15. Is the challenge of the 21st Century to find meaning and identity in the complex society we live in?

Etienne Wenger Q15
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2min 46s

16. What theory or theories of learning are needed in order to develop meaning and identity?

Etienne Wenger Q16
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4min 20s

17. How can these theories help practice?

Etienne Wenger Q17
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18. What one idea or theme would you like people to take away from this interview?

Etienne Wenger Q18
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1min 17s

Produced by Mike O'Donoghue with Etienne Wenger and Tim Dornan for the School of Education, University of Manchester, UK. Recorded November 2010.
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